Saturday, April 19, 2014

Male Decoded Has Moved (Say Goodbye)

Hello, Due to my many loyal readers and because I have gained many viewers all over the globe, I now have my own website. Can you believe it? Thanks to you and your loyalty. I could have not done this without any of my loyal viewers. My new website is more than just a blog. The new Male Decoded website, will include, daily blog entries, newsletter sign up, a chat room, recommended readings, about author section, my soon to come ebooks for purchase,and much more. I'm even offering coaching services, which will be listed in coaching sessions on the website. This website will be so much more resourceful. The new website is: Please join me there as I will no longer be writing on this site. My new website is

Monday, March 17, 2014

Getting A Man

Hello Readers: Let me start off by saying, you can do absolutely nothing to get a man. Why, you ask? Because, being with someone is simply based off of God's destiny for your life. Love will only happen for you during the right time and right place and of course, the right season. People who give advice to you about how to get a man are wasting your time. I say that they are wasting your time, because there aren't any statistics that state being this way or that way or doing this or that, will gaurantee you a man. In fact, every relationship advisor, is an expert. Why are they experts? because they succeeded in getting into a relationship and maintaining one. Its a simple as, finding the perfect diet for yourself. Finding the perfect diet for yourself does not make one an expert, however, people who diet and exercise believe their system will work for all, or at least some. I am a firm believer on, whatever works for the person, makes that person an expert at their life, no one elses. As you can see, many of my blog entries are about the male psyche, behaviors on a psychological level, as well as, people being in touch with their self, loving who they are and finding empowerment within themselves.elationship advisors are experts (sarcasm). They are experts because they figured out what worked for them and how that same strategy could work for others. They are simply projecting their own experiences onto the world. I am here to tell you, nothing you read nor or advised to do will work for you. You must design your own romance program for yourself, to see the magic happen. What works for you? What makes your heart sink? What makes your heart sing? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What is it that you want? What should you avoid,which can be detrimental to you? I'll prove it to you. I have read that, men desire sweet women; someone who will be nice to him. I have read, "Why Men Love Bitches". I have read, "Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man". I have read, "Be A Rules Girl". I have heard, smile when you see a man. I have read, don't smile when you see a man, because it comes off as eager and desparate. I have heard, " there's nothing wrong with speaking to a man first". I have read, "Never speak to a man first". I have heard, "Men like women with meat on their bones". Everything that I read or hear contradicts the next thing. My point is, it is absolutely nothing you can do to get a man. You can smile, play games, be well dressed, be nice, loving , kind, caring, sensitive to his needs, loyal and still be single, or maybe taken. However, on the flip side of that, you can be, nasty, grumpy, bitchy, abusive, dismissive, mean, as one author suggests in her book, "Men Love Abuse". You do all those naughty things and actually be in a committed relationship and or be single. It all depends on the man you attract. Some good women attract losers, while some bad women attract winners. You have to understand your psychology to figure it out. I have observed women, that possessed unattractive traits, such as, unattractive features, bad character, etc, which society would define as a woman who can't get a man get nor keep a man and guess what? Those women were either in relationships, married, were mothers, divorced,etc. I've also observed beautiful women, who were desirable, dreamy, successful, educated and smart, whom society would consider the type of traits, which would attract and keep a man and they were some of the most single, hurt and disappointed women around town. I have heard of prostitutes and strippers, who found love, all while tricking. There are plenty of church going women, and or levelheaded women, who are single. What I am saying is, no matter what traits you possess good or bad, you can still attract a man and or you can repel a man. I once met a man who dated a woman, who told him he wasn't anything everyday. He continued to go back home to this woman. When i was as sweet as a butterfy, men ran over me. Although still sweet, when I became no non sense, aka, "why men love bithes", men fell all over me and were obssessed with me. Now, im somewhere in between and its all confusing! lol My point is, because of who I am, men have to come correct. Due to that, men are very attracted to my no non sense, hit the rode Jack, attitude. Remember ladies, this world that we live in is a joke. When you expect nothing, life falls right into your lap. When you expect greatness, you get the opposite. People want what they cant have and don't want what they have. That's an ass backwards world to live in , but unfortunately, its reality. This is not God's world. This is the devils land. This world is earthly, while God's world, is perfect and full of love and respect, no heartache. For that reason alone, you will see many contradictions in the world. In the words of my pastor, " This world for us is temporary and that's why one minute you are the cats meow and the dogs bow wow and the next minute, you're at an all time low". Do not let this world's misconceptions and contradictions have you confused! Define your reality!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Before U Let A Man Into Your Life


   When we meet a man, it's like aweeeeeee! Birds chirping , sunny outside , Music playing where there is no music and good people. Well, at least that's how high I feel! Lol 

I have realized that men bum Rush their way into my life. First, I meet them and the next thing they have my number and the next day my life changes for good. Lol All of a sudden I'm getting bombarded with text message feast, "Good Morning beautiful" messages and all! Lol omg , what happened? Love doesn't happen over night and no, Mr. I didn't invite you into my life so please pump your breaks. 

Always question a man sending those typical, "Good Morning" messages! It's always a red flag. Real men in pursuit mode don't have time to send daily morning affirmations to your doorsteps. In fact, a real man barely texts! Because texting to a man on the prowl should feel similar to getting cheated. A man that's hungry doesn't want to nibble on crumbs, he wants the whole feast. He wants to see you, touch you, hug you and eventually love you. Always remember that, a man talking or texting too much is covering his inaction. 

Let me get back on task here. Men don't  not know you existed yesterday and boom! Abra kadabra , they're consuming your life the next day! Those are red flags sweety! Men rarely fall in love at first sight, as often as women do!  They're just living in the moment. A man moving too fast is a sure sign that he is not a keeper! He's Just trying to get it all in , because he's living in the moment. 

Before you let any many into your life, make sure he is for one, about you & only you! Men are infamous for showing up and showing out but leaving nothing behind. Make sure that a man is for you and supports you before you invite him into your life. Per! No free passes! Seats are for RSVP guest only! 

If you are a teacher , writer ,psychologists , freelancer, actor, educator , artist, humanitarian, MD, veterinarian , engineer, reporter , mechanic , real estate agent, whatever you are , if a man can not support you nor be about you in your endeavors, he should not get free tickets to view the concert of your life! Why? Because he will only distract and destroy you. Just look at all successful people , men and women. The closest people around them are about their life! No freebies! Make sure he's about your life before you allow him access into your life. 

Remember, men live for the moment, while you as a woman lives for the future! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Only Way To Bring Out The Best In Him


The article written below, was written by a man, about ways to bring out the best in a guy.

It's your boy, Devon Bradway,
here with another "Male Confessions" Newsletter!
Today, I'll be talking to those of you who are currently
seeing a guy... but feel a bit unimportant in his life.
Do you feel like he's taking you for granted? Or does he
make a lot of promises, but can't keep most of them?
Or does he treat you like a girlfriend or wife... but
you're not OFFICIALLY his girlfriend or wife, because he
doesn't want to commit to a serious relationship?
I know how frustrating it might be to see other women -
some of them your own girlfriends - hook up with guys who
make them feel very special.
These men are attentive, devoted, funny, hardworking, and
loving. They have their lives and their relationships in
order. They spend every single day of their lives making
"happily ever after" happen for themselves and the women
in their lives.
So why do some guys embody the "Prince Charming" persona,
while others don't?
Answer: It's all because of a trend that's going on in the
dating game today, that's both a blessing AND a curse to
women all over the world...
Why There's A Shortage
Of "Real Men" Today
Here's a fact: These days, guys don't chase anymore.
Do you agree with that?
In the past, guys would trip over themselves to earn the
love and affection of a girl they liked. But these days,
thanks to the "gender equality" movement, more and more
women believe they have every right to chase guys, too.
And they do. That's definitely a choice every woman is
free to make.
All I'm saying that, after serving as a relationships
coach for years, I know for a fact that things work so
And it's not because of our ego or our pride.
It's because of something MUCH DEEPER than that:
"The Chase" Brings Out
The BEST Qualities In A Guy
When a guy actively pursues you, many great things happen
to him:
- If he was once "not interested in a serious
relationship," all of a sudden he'll do whatever it takes
to win your undivided love and attention.
- If he was once irresponsible and flaky, all of a sudden
he'll start keeping his promises, turning almost overnight
into a "man of his word."
- If he was once self-absorbed and followed his own rules,
suddenly he'll start getting his life in order... as if
preparing for a very special woman to share it with.
- If he was once living just for himself, all of a sudden
you're his #1 priority... and every decision he makes is
geared towards chasing you, catching you, and making you
happy for the rest of your life.
This is all due to a fact that surprisingly few women know
about: That a man's natural "leadership" and "alpha"
qualities kick in only when he's chasing, pursuing, or
working hard to achieve something BIG.
Ever noticed how passionate guys are about sports? That's
because sports represent something deeply important to us:
For us to VALUE something, we have to WIN it. And we'll go
through pain, suffering, and humiliation to do it.
Yes, it's not logical. But is LOVE logical? ;)
That's why, when you chase a guy - or at least, when you
don't make him feel like he's chasing you - then he rarely
exhibits the sexy male qualities you expect.
He's hot-and-cold. He's flaky. He's wishy-washy. He makes
promises but doesn't keep them.
I hope you get the picture by now.
If you want him to be a REAL MAN, you have to make him
And that's not as simple as it may sound...
The Right And Wrong Ways
To Make Him Chase You
The WRONG way to make him chase is by tricking him,
leading him on, or playing with his feelings.
Believe me: Guys aren't dumb. (Ahem... who wrote this
Newsletter you're reading right now? ;)
Okay... so we're not as smart as you ladies, I'll give you
that. But we're at least smart enough to know if you're
leading us on or playing tricks on us. And trust me,
that's NOT the kind of competition we like.
What's the right way to make a guy chase you?
Simple - by making the chase as fun, interesting, and
exciting as you possibly can.
By doing so, you bring out a host of great male qualities
in him: Confidence, maturity, hard work, strength of heart
and mind, devotion to family, an honor code, and more!
So that's your choice right now. Would you like a guy
who's hot-and-cold and non-committing... or someone who
spends every waking moment expressing his love and
devotion in many wonderful ways?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Golden Rule

  In the rules book, it states," A guys intentions cannot be revealed, by revealing your hand; you just have to listen for cues". We are all guilty of this. We meet a guy and instead of listening and learning our new crush, we tell him what we desire and feed him the answers , instead of listening for his personal cues. Due to this, men tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. If you listen for cues, red flags and personals in the beginning , his intentions will be revealed. No offense to any man who reads this. I use all experiences to explain most things. I met a guy who starting off joking around with me on Facebook and that lead into jokes about vacationing in Hawaii. Well, apparantenly, this man was all about the fantasies, because his patterns, lack of planning . and comments revealed it. This man also claimed to be celibate, until marriage, yet he talked about sex all the time, sent me shirtless pictures and video chats. 
He was also highly vain and obsessed with himself. What does this reveal? It reveals that the physical is all he has to offer. There isn't much there underneath his looks. His intentions also revealed , "fantasy relationship". I also once met a man who sort of misunderstood every single thing I said and twisted the meanings into his own comprehensions. Sometimes, I forget that, the eyes sees only what the mind can comprehend. This man was also argumentative. He even told me that he enjoys debating and that he will sometimes disagree with people, although he truly agrees with their perspective, just for a good debate. He believes that, being agreeable or vibing with people is boring. He would rather spice stuff up! Sounds like some inner turmoil floating around, don't ya think? This reveales a lot to me. A talker is a talker. 
Sometimes, I'm so quick and gifted , I mistake myself for other people and forget that I don't make assumptions , nor do I project. My observations are spiritual and keen. My gift is from God. Use your gift. 

You have to be quick with men, because unless he's a narcissistic , a womanizer, a sociopath, cunning or deceitful , his red flags won't be hard to spot. In fact, even your spirit can detect the narcissist, womanizer , sociopath, cunning deceitful man. There will always be signs and no man is above out smarting this system. Take for example, I use to date a guy who was very cunning. He mirrored my mannerisms and he told me exactly what he thought I wanted to hear. He talked about marriage but also showed signs of being gun shy. No matter what he did, he did not seem genuine. You cannot fake genuity. Just trust your spirit to reveal his intentions , if you're finding it hard to do. 
Men don't waste time. They are in and out. You have to be the same way. Detect in and Dectect out. 

Until we meet again 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Relationship Coaching Session


I have received many emails from readers across the globe, who have many questions and worries with the opposite sex. I welcome all emails and I appreciate every single one of you who have sent me emails. I will always answer you , if I can. 

For those who would like to work on serious issues and or need coaching, while dating or figuring out the opposite sex, I will offer you one on one sessions for a small fee. 

Consultations $30  30mins
One on One Coaching sessions $50  60 mins
Weekly Sessions $70  meet once a week for one hour 
Relationship issues/ childhood/ self esteem building $100   1.5 hr

If you have questions about anything , feel free to email me. If you would like to work with me one on one, on an ongoing basis, please consider the sessions. I accept payments through paypal. ;) 

Monday, February 3, 2014


A chemical reactions occurs with sex. Sex bonds people through soul ties and of course the release of the oxytocin hormone. But what about the meeting of two personalities? There is also a chemical reaction that occurs when two people meet. Have you ever noticed a spiritual exchange after speaking with someone, touching someone or even after kissing someone? Be careful of who you interact with, because there is a spiritual exchange , also known as, chemical exchange occurring without your knowing. Ever notice how you take on the spirit or philosophy of what a person says or does when in your presence? You might believe the words uttered to you or repeat words that are spoken to you. When people meet, it is the contact of two chemical substances, which both parties can be transformed for the better or for the worst. Be careful to whom you attach yourself to.